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The Assumption Will Be I’m Anti-Social Justice

Not necessarily because there’s some truth in #socialjustice complaints. What I expect from #socialjustice and #rape taggers is to at least demand #freekate parents publicly apologize for naming a 14yr old rape victim. 

The spirit and intent of journalists and society respecting rape shield laws is so we can give rape victims the best opportunity for fair trials. We can’t under any circumstance support publicly naming rape victims ever!

Get This #rape or #rapeculture Taggers, You Can’t Support #freekate Unless You Want To Ignore Rape Shields and Slut Shaming. FACT!


any yes it’s a fact.

Someone Tonight Wants To Slander Victim’s Parents

who fucking released the 14yr old rape victim’s name?

Kaitlyn Hunt’s dad.

Want more examples of who released the victim’s name and rape victim’s family name?

Rape victims whether you disagree or not they were raped deserve legal protections and anyone who supports #freekate and what they did to rape victims everywhere are bottom feeders and disgusting rape/ slut shaming supporters.



Spread this around omfg finally.

This Blog Has Demonstrated Kelley Hunt-Smith Identified The Parents of A Minor Underage Rape Victim and Kaitlyn’s Father Publicly Identified The Underage Rape Victim’s Name - Will The Hunt Family Apologize to The Victim’s Family?

Seriously Hunt family APOLOGIZE! It may very well become a mitigating factor later for Kaitlyn? You need to apologize for identifying a minor the law and Florida charges was raped. 

We can disagree whether it’s a rape or what the punishment should be but when rape victims go to trial our society has determined it’s important to protect their identities from being made public and your family didn’t do that. 


I give #freekate credit for this when #freekate got more attention then you ever imagined you did clean up the comments identifying the victim … but you, Steven Hunt Jr. and Kelley Hunt-Smith never apologized for publicly identifying them and you did publicly identify them.

Kaitlyn Hunt’s Mother On May 17th Released The Names of The Parents Of A Sex Crime Victim!!!


Did you know the 14yr old victim’s parents in the Kaitlyn Hunt case was forced to delete their twitter and turn off their telephones because of the harassment they got? How did this harassment happen and how did their names, address and telephone numbers get exposed to the public? The Hunt family exposed their names to the public that’s how!

We can disagree about what punishment Kaitlyn Hunt should receive but I hope we never disagree on how important it is to protect the identity of rape victims. 

Unless someone is found to have falsely reported a rape we shouldn’t ever expose a rape crime victim’s name. The name of parents of child who has been raped shouldn’t be made public either.

May 17th, Kaitlyn Hunt’s mother Kelley Hunt-Smith wrote that Facebook message exposing the names of the parents of a child rape crime victim. THE NEXT DAY KAITLYN HUNT’S FATHER WOULD GO EVEN FURTHER AND ACTUALLY EXPOSE THE 14 YEAR OLD VICTIM’S NAME.

I hope journalists in the future when they talk about the victim’s parents will take note of who it was who exposed them and their child to the public.

Very Good Website Detailing The FACTS of the Kaitlyn Hunt Case

Kaitlyn Hunt’s father released the identity of a fourteen year old rape victim.

This is one of the reasons I’m so mad about this case (besides the Hunt family attempting to turn it into a lgbt rights issue when it isn’t one) YOU NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE RELEASE THE NAME OF A RAPE VICTIM ONLINE EVER. 


I blacked out the victim’s name in the screenshot of Steven Hunt’s May 18th update because unlike Steven Hunt this blog believes rape crime victim’s names shouldn’t be made public.

Is this why the parents of the victim had to do a television interview and set the record straight because they were being harassed and terrorized while the Hunt family was releasing to the public at large their minor daughter’s name?

"Model Citizen" Kaitlyn Hunt and Sister Fighting on a Florida Beach Video - Maybe The Parents Had Other Reasons They Didn’t Want Their Minor Child Dating An Adult?

watch video HERE … via @finnabringmethehorizon

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